Develop insight meditation

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For the beginning meditator I believe it would be helpful to establish an order in the various steps taken in meditation. First, then, it would be wise to establish a place of quiet to which one may retire daily and not be interrupted in his endeavors. Then wash carefully face, hands and feet. Better yet, if time permits, take a cleansing shower and put on loose, comfortable clothes.
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The Development of Insight: The Path to Freedom In the process of satipatthana meditation I am always concerned with the question: what is the predominant. In Buddhist practice, acquiring liberating insight goes hand-in-hand with mental cultivation. We cannot have deep insight without developing.
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In Buddhist practice, acquiring liberating insight goes hand-in-hand with mental cultivation.

Vipassana Contemplation Music: "Insight Interested in Reality" - Mindfulness, Internal Armistice, Psychical, Soothing

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First of all it is important to adopt a posture that is easy and relaxing so that you can sit still for a period of time. A cushion may help in this. You can put one under your buttocks, and perhaps one or more under your knees, so that you are grounded and can easily sit up straight. Loosen tight belts to give your belly room to expand. You can put your hands together in your lap, or rest them on your thighs. The back should be straight but not rigid.
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    The Buddha taught that suffering comes from ignorance.

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